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Who We Are

Acadian Analytics was founded in December 2017 to develop operational concepts and transition technologies that heighten the nation’s security and contribute to the common good. We assist researchers, government agencies, and individuals in the production of tools for strategic planning, risk management, and community resilience.

Acadian Analytics is dedicated to building partnerships and developing technologies to solve complex problems.



  1. Heighten the nation’s security and contribute to the common good;

  2. Build collaborative networks at the local, regional and national levels;

  3. Be socially responsible, and economically and environmentally sustainable;

  4. Generate commitment and pride among our partners and our company.

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Meet the Team

Acadian Analytics is made up of a diverse team of individuals who have broad experience in both public and private sectors in risk management and technology development.

W. Michael Dunaway, Ph.D.

W. Michael Dunaway is Founder and CEO of Acadiana Analytics, LLC. Dunaway holds a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering-Crisis, Disaster and Risk Management, from George Washington University. In addition, he serves as the Director of the National Incident Management and Advanced Technologies (NIMSAT) Institute at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Dunaway spent his early career as a Naval Officer, and years in both the private and public sectors of disaster and risk management technologies.

Matthew e Delcambre

Matthew E. Delcambre is the CIO of Acadiana Analytics, LLC. In addition to his role at Acadian Analytics, he serves as the Innovation Managing Director at the Center for Visual and Decision Informatics.

Chris DeGuelle

Chris DeGuelle serves as the COO of Acadiana Analytics, LLC. Concurrently, he is the Operations Officer for the Informatics Research Institute at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and directs the Louisiana Business EOC. An executive with 26 years of federal and state leadership experience, he is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, the FBI Executive Development Seminar, and Air War College. As a Bronze Star awarded Veteran, and retired Air Force Colonel and Paratrooper, DeGuelle has experience with experience in investigations, crisis management, workplace protection/loss prevention, regulatory compliance assessment, and talent acquisition and management. DeGuelle holds MS degrees in Strategic Studies (National Security; Operational Art and Planning) from the Air University, Montgomery, AL; a MS in Criminal Justice, from Eastern Kentucky University, and a BA, in Criminal Justice, from the University of Texas, San Antonio.

Taniecea Mallery, PH.D.

Taniecea Arceneaux Mallery serves as the Diversity and Equity Officer for Acadian Analytics, LLC. In this role, she provides consulting and expertise in diversity, equity, and inclusion for individuals and organizations. She also provides research experience in the areas of mathematical modeling, social network analysis, and the science of unconscious bias. Dr. Mallery also currently serves as the Director of Equity, Diversity and Community Engagement at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where she is responsible for ensuring that underrepresented groups have equal access to educational opportunities and resources. She is a member of the graduate faculty at UL Lafayette, teaching doctoral-level courses in the College of Education. Prior to joining UL Lafayette, Dr. Mallery worked as a senior diversity research specialist at the Association of American Medical Colleges in Washington, D.C., and as a postdoctoral research fellow at the U.S. Census Bureau. Her publications include national policy reports on diversity in the U.S. physician workforce, research in disparities driven by social determinants of health, and evaluations of the impact of unconscious bias on group decision-making processes in higher education. Dr. Mallery holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Loyola University New Orleans, and a master’s degree and Ph.D. in applied and computational mathematics from Princeton University. She was a member of the 2018 class for the Institute for Educational Management at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She also served as a Chief Diversity Officer Fellow for the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education from 2016-2017.

Aeriel Frederick

Aeriel Frederick is the Chief Financial Officer for Acadian Analytics, LLC. Frederick is a certified financial officer, managing grant-funded projects on a variety of subjects and amounts for the company. Additionally, Frederick serves as a Compliance and Development Officer for the Informatics Research Institute.

Liz Skilton, Ph.D.

Liz Skilton, Ph.D., is the Chief Research Scientist for Acadian Analytics, LLC. Dr. Skilton specializes in the history of disaster and human response to it, providing longitudinal perspective on disaster response and hazards mitigation in Louisiana and the Gulf South to the Acadian Analytics team. She is also an Assistant Professor of History and J. J. and Helen B. Burdin/BORSF Endowed Professor of Louisiana Studies at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. As part of her academic positions, Skilton serves as the co-Director and Founder of the Guilbeau Center for Public History, working on grant-funded research projects geared at assessing the impact and assisting communities in recovery from crises in Louisiana and the Gulf South. Additionally, she is a faculty research fellow for the Institute for Coastal and Water Research, Louisiana Watershed Flood Center, Center for Louisiana Studies, and Kathleen Babineaux Blanco Public Policy Center. She is also author of the book, Tempest: Hurricane Naming and American Culture, which is set for release in June 2019 through Louisiana State University press.


Our Location


Acadian Analytics is located in the Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise Center in the Research Park at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.


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